ABOUT US - Zagora Simply Organic


Zagora’s saga started in 2008 during my honeymoon visit to Morocco. My husband was born in Morocco and I was born in Iraq, we both grew up in Sweden and met for the first time in 2006.

Morocco took me by storm, everything from colors, scents, flavors, diversity and people. Every now and then, I was introduced to Argan Oil by my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. Became very fascinated by their baby skin and shiny hair. I started using argan oil daily and every time I went to Morocco I had to bring my relatives and friends as everyone wanted the amazing oil.

 In 2017 we made the decision after many surveys and trips to Morocco to find the best raw materials, we decided to start a webshop. Zagora is the name of my husband (Tarek) hometown. He often told us how beautiful Zagora is, from his desert and oasis. It became obvious that we chose Zagora as our name for our company that stands for nature, authenticity and beauty.

 Buying from Zagora benefits the women who work in the cooperative. We work with love, we make sure that the women who work must receive fair wages in order to support themselves, pay for their children’s education and be independent of men. Zagora has no intermediaries, we choose our products and the women’s cooperative with care. Our vision is to inspire more people to choose to use natural and organic products, so that together we can fight for our mother earth.

 All our products are not tested on animals, allergy-friendly and Eco-certified.

 Welcome to our family!